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We are a group of divers that believe there is more to a dive trip then just diving. We like the social aspect of traveling with a group and doing other activities after a day of diving.  We will create a schedule of fun and social activities that will promote group interaction such as group dinners, cocktail parties, board games, trivia, costume contests, pool races and more. Or if you would rather do your own thing, feel free, this will be your vacation!  

We don’t just match you up with a roommate that is the same gender, we are more extensive and do a questionnaire/interview that asks specific questions to find you the most compatible roommate and dive buddy. For example, we ask your level of diving and your diving style. We ask if you are a night owl, morning person, the temperature you like to have the room, if you smoke, snore and so on. That way we can find you the most compatible roommate and dive buddy. The more people that go, the more compatible roommate and dive buddy we will be able to find for you.  Usually your roommate is not the same as your dive buddy unless you want them to be.

We want to go to dive places that dive shops normally do not offer.  We will alternate trips every year and will take you to the best dive destinations and make certain your experience is top notch and that you have your dream vacation. We will have a host on every trip that will take care of all the details so that that you can do the things you want to do. They will be available anytime during the trip and will be organizing all the activities.

We look forward to you joining the trips, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Meet Your Host

Michele will create a fun and relaxed

diving vacation for you to enjoy with the scuba singles group.



4251 W.  5615 S. 

Kearns, UT 84118


Tel: 801-828-7159

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